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1000's of people found their job with us!

Group of Companies ATK21 is on the market since 2006 and today is a successfully growing international outsourcing company
employing 450+ own personnel in 19 offices in EU and RCIS regions. 

More than 5,000 employees performed tasks on a daily basis at the client’s company. 

Main business activities are HR consulting, personnel outsourcing, outplacement, recruiting services and facility management services.


We bring 10+ years of knowledge and experience in partnership with international companies.  

We execute the non-critical functions of our partners, saving time and reducing operational costs on personnel.

We are fully liable for risks and charges to out partners, ensure compliance with the global and EU legislation.

In 2016 European headquarter has been opened in Bratislava, Slovak republic. In 2017 office in Poland has been opened.